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Headaches and TMJ Treatment in London

tekscan london Are you prone to developing jaw pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain or suffer from sinus problems or teeth grinding? A number of patients call on us having experienced headaches for several years, popping pain killers with barely any effect and not being aware that the root of the pain is dental in nature. Frequently, most of these difficulties come about due to malocclusion of one’s bite which places undesired forces on nearby muscles.

Tscan headache machine At the time of your initial check up we will at the outset look into the source of your headaches by making use of the most recent computerised Tekscan expertise and then talk about the likely treatment alternatives for you.

The treatment may entail an NTI device or an acrylic splint in the night time, and in certain instances you may require crowns & veneers to recreate a new bite.

tscan graph london If you experience headaches, teeth grinding during night time or perhaps any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, call us on 020 7935 5332 to fix an appointment for a FREE free consultation.

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