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Teeth Whitening Treatments in Central London

Now a white sparkling smile can increase your confidence and sense of worth. Our teeth become discoloured by daily activities like smoking, coffee, red wine, and consuming foods that stain teeth. While frequent appointments with our hygienist can assist in keeping your teeth sparkling and eliminate surface discoloration, they are unable to get rid of stains that are deeply set in.

Teeth whitening can enable you to get a lovely shiny smile by bleaching the teeth and eliminating any concentrated marks. In London’s Aqua Dental Spa, we employ the advanced Zoom Teeth whitening procedure as shown in smile makeover television programs like Extreme makeover. By availing of the laser teeth whitening procedure we can make your teeth whiter by several degrees in just one hour. Zoom is an in style lunch time procedure for a number of executives, who have their workplaces in central London. Besides the laser bleaching procedures that are offered, we also recommend specialized home whitening kits so that you can carry out your teeth whitening routine, from the comfortable environment of your home. These home whitening kits in due course of time will make your teeth whiter and enable you to flaunt a dazzling white smile.

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