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Lumineers and veneers in central london

Dental veneers and lumineers are extremely fine shells / laminates made of porcelain that are fitted over your anterior teeth surfaces. A number of people look at veneers as fake fingernails that cover your teeth. The attraction of veneers lies in them being custom made to fit any shape and size with surface traits that make them appear very real and perfectly match the neighbouring teeth. With the help of dental veneers it is possible to craft customized smiles. In London’s Aqua Dental Spa we operate in association with the world's leading dental laboratories & ceramists, in the U.K. as well as New York to construct your veneers. Now it is possible to use dental veneers to rectify numerous problems such as:

  • Concealing stained teeth
  • Fixing severely damaged, chipped or broken teeth
  • Making fairly uneven teeth appear straighter
  • Sealing spaces (diastemas) between teeth
  • Smile makeovers to transform your smile
Smile Makeovers

Well, you may have come to know about dental veneers through the media or perhaps you may have observed them being employed in television makeover programs like "Extreme Makeover" or "10 Years Younger". Dental veneers are amongst the most widely preferred procedures that Hollywood celebrities desirous of an absolutely perfect smile opt for. At London’s Aqua Dental Spa you can be endowed with a dream smile without having to be a star. Dr. Maini, London's top cosmetic dentist has worked together with a few of the world’s foremost U.S. celebrity dentists and he carries to London an creative approach to dentistry employing sophisticated smile design procedures and hand made veneers to present you with the smile which suits you best. A smile makeover undoubtedly has a significant effect on your poise and confidence and for the vast majority it is a sheer life altering experience. Take a look at our smile gallery to see for yourself the dramatic smile transformations that we have achived for our patients.

Ultra Thin Minimal Preparation Lumineers Veneers

lumineers in London In addition, we also provide the most modern Lumineers veneers that are somewhat finer than laboratory fabricated veneers which indicates that they require very slight or no tooth preparation. Lumineers are not appropriate for all dental cases and therefore we will talk about the most suitable veneer for you during your consultation. The U.S. based Cerinate laboratories fabricate lumineers specially for Aqua Dental Spa from a patented material.

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