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Inman Aligner Treatment in Central London

The Inman Aligner is a fairly recent orthodontic device in the U.K. and provides a quicker solution to correcting tooth alignment problems. It is very successful in rectifying anterior (front) teeth problems and is a hybrid between the Invisalign undetectable braces system and conventional metal braces

While the Inman aligner isn’t quite as "undetectable" as invisalign, it has several of the benefits that the Invsialign offers; it is detachable and therefore does not get in the way of your eating and oral hygiene. Furthermore, all movements are attained with just one aligner and therefore there is absolutely no requirement to have your aligners changed regularly.

A faster solution
The Inman aligner also can attain fast orthodontics with quite a few procedures completed in as little as six weeks. The comparable treatment with Invisalign could take many months.

A cheaper solution
The Inman aligner also is substantially lower in price in comparison to fixed orthodontics and Invisalign.

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