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Dentures for Missing Teeth

Loss of teeth is something that the vast majority of people are affected with each year, but fortunately in contemporary dentistry there are numerous choices to replace them such as dental implants, set bridges and dentures. It is essential to immediately replace lost teeth due to the below given reasons:

Teeth next to the space (where the tooth is missing) start to fall (move) in the direction of the space and produce functional bite difficulties.

Lost teeth can lead to bone loss and contraction of your jawbone in the course of time.

Missing teeth could make facial muscles become slack (on account of not having support) and cause you to appear older than you actually are.

Two main types of dentures are employed to replace lost teeth, complete dentures that replace a complete set of either lower or upper teeth and partial dentures which just replace a few lost teeth.

At London’s Aqua Dental Spa we don't just make dentures to appear attractive but put a great deal of emphasis on constructing dentures that fit perfectly. Loose dentures can aggravate your gums, give rise to eating difficulties and social embarrasment, we make certain that our dentures always are fabricated to be firmly fixed in place. We also offer the latest Valplast flexible partial cosmetic dentures.

Suffering from Loose Dentures?

The majority of people suffer from slack dentures and consuming solid foods can be problematic, thus making your life difficult. A number of denture patients visit us declaring that they just cannot recall the last time that they could easily bite into an apple or eat solid foods! At London’s Aqua Dental Spa we can firmly fix your dentures by making use of dental implants or mini dental implants. Implants provide your dentures the firm support they need for you to live life without fretting about loose dentures. Implant supported dentures can prove to be a life enhancing experience with most patients being capable of relishing foods they have been unable to eat for many years.

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