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Dental Hygiene & Examination

Frequent check-ups or inspections are essential and serve as the foundation of our preventative oral health plan. Even if you follow an ideal dental hygiene program you can still suffer from dental problems, which you may be unable to identify yourself by looking in the mirror. But at London’s Aqua Dental Spa we make use of unique intra oral high magnifiaction cameras so that we can study all angles of the teeth as well as gums on a big screen.

Not Simply a Scale and Polish

Aqua Dental Spa’s hygienists are extremely proficient and will clean your teeth expertly using the most modern pastes & polishes to get rid of any tartar and plaque, which is difficult to eliminate by only brushing or flossing. A number of patients mention that after their teeth are thoroughly cleaned, they feel very smooth. Besides an ultrasonic scale & polish, Aqua Dental Spa also provides the sophisticated prophyflex power clean procedure that shoots a stream of water, compressed air and very fine particles of sodium bicarbonate at your teeth so as to render the surface shiny and eliminate debris. It thoroughly cleans your teeth, getting rid of any surface stains, immediately endowing you with a brighter smile without any bleaching involved.

Our hygienists are very eager to teach patients about the proper brushing and flossing procedures and provide guidance on the ways to keep up a regular oral health program.

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