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Now cosmetic dentistry entails lending a creative touch to dentistry while focusing on function. Over the years Aqua Dental Spa has become popular for offering outstanding cosmetic dentistry treatments in London and crafting customised smiles suited to the patients’ requirements. Dr. Maini, London's top cosmetic dentist has gone through comprehensive post-graduate training, touching all areas of cosmetic dentistry. Besides, she often goes to the U.S. as well as Europe to keep abreast of the most modern procedures and technology to make certain that she can offer to her clients in London the best possible treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry can comprise of a range of procedures to enhance the visual appeal of your smile right from whitening teeth to lending an extra shine to a complete smile makeover.

Our Guarantee

As far as the quality and permanence of our treatment is concerned we are extremely confident and we offer you a guarantee of three years on cosmetic crowns, veneers, bridges, and tooth shaded restorations, subject to terms and conditions.

Cosmetic Bonding

Well, cosmetic bonding refers to a procedure that is applied to set right slight defects like tiny chips and seal little spaces in your teeth. An adhering material with a particular colour and tone is put on the surface of your tooth and carved into the required shape. Amongst the most widely preferred treatments performed at Aqua Dental Spa is the substitution of the old amalgam fillings for white or tooth-shaded fillings which can transform your overall smile in a spectacular way.

Laser Gum Contouring

If your gums are not uniform in shape or if you have a gummy smile then with laser contouring system, it is possible to remould your gums to the desired shape to lend your teeth a neat outline and a level smile. Now this is a totally pain free treatment, which can swiftly transform the overall visual appeal of your smile and make it more attractive.

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