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Aqua Dental Spa London

At Aqua Dental Spa, you will positively enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable dental experience. It is our obligation to set to rest any fears you may harbour regarding calling on a dentist. We have done everything possible to make certain that we have set up a soothing, comfortable ambience for you to enjoy.

Our array of complimentary spa facilities cover:

Refreshments like coffee, tea, fresh fruit drinks and light snacks.

Virtual reality eye trek glasses with a comprehensive DVD menu that you can view while having your dental treatment.

An individual CD player fitted with sound proof headphones, and a wide selection of music for you to choose from. You are at liberty to bring your own CD with you when you visit the clinic to help you feel more at ease

  • To help you loosen up and unwind, aromatherapy oils & massage treatment
  • Soothing perfumed neck pillows to provide support for your neck
  • Paraffin-based hand treatments to keep your hands soft and smooth
  • Hot or cold herbal eye masks to gently soothe weary eyes
  • Perfumed lip gel and dark shades
  • Snug warm coverlets
  • Warm aromatherapy perfumed face towels to help you relax and to refresh you once the treatment is over

We provide an arranged lunch for our patients who have lengthy appointments, such as complete mouth restorations and smile makeovers. Please inform us in advance whether you follow any particular dietary requirements and we will certainly address your needs.

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